Glasgow City Council Welcome to Scotstoun Primary School

House Captains

Our school house system is based around Glasgow's Coat of Arms (If you are interested in learning about the story behind the Coat of Arms then please click here.)


The children are split between 4 different houses: Fish (Red gym Tshirt) , Bells (yellow gym Tshirt), Trees (green gym Tshirt) and Birds (blue gym Tshirt). Each year in term 1 children from primary 7 put themselves forward as candidates for election for their house. They have to prepare a speech outlining why they think they are the right choice and then the rest of the school vote for the primary 7 they think would best fill the role.

The results this year -

House Captains

FISH House Captain - Adam

Vice Captain - Sophia


TREES  House Captain  - Shaun

Vice Captain - Ewan


BELLS House Captain  - Rosie

Vice Captain - Fergus


BIRDS House Captain  - Julia

Vice Captain - Ellie